Free Standard Artwork

We are now offering FREE STANDARD ARTWORK BLOCKS which can be used on most of our products.

Our standard blocking plates can either be blind embossed or hot foiled in colours such as silver or gold for no additional charge. By using these standard blocking plates, we can also reduce your delivery time by a few days, which is great for those venues with a tight deadline.  


Choose a Standard Image Plate below

Standard Plate 1Standard Plate 1 Standard Plate 2Standard Plate 2 Standard Plate 3Standard Plate 3

Standard Plate 4Standard Plate 4 Standard Plate 5Standard Plate 5 Standard Plate 6Standard Plate 6

Standard Plate 7Standard Plate 7 Standard Plate 8Standard Plate 8 Standard Plate 9Standard Plate 9

Standard Plate 10Standard Plate 10


Whilst we have been offering free standard font foiling for a number of years, these contemporary plates have been developed with our customers in mind, using simple imagery to personalise your menu covers, wine list covers and cocktail menus.

Your menu cover design requires thought and time, which is exactly why we have made these standard blocks so that this option is open to all our customers.

If you use one of these plates with a free standard font that reads your name then you can still achieve something really personable for no additional cost at all.

It is important to remember that when you purchase menu covers, you are also creating those all important finishing touches to your venue that are proven to change customer perceptions of your quality: a quality menu preconceives a quality dining experience.

Our artwork plates can used free of charge in the following methods:

  • Silver foil
  • Gold foil
  • Coloured foil (available upon request)
  • Embossing
  • Etching/engraving


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